Birthing Spring

at the birth of spring
the center prepares to give
seeds carrying joy

— genece hamby

~ by Genece Hamby on April 6, 2008.

11 Responses to “Birthing Spring”

  1. Lovely, Genece, so full of promise.


  2. This is delightful Genece and the free Greeting Card feature is such a lovely idea. Spring really is a time of regrowth and renewal. Meanwhile, Autumn is wrapping her cloak around us here. Daylight saving has ended, nights are closing in and it is time to bunker down.

  3. Lovely, Genece!

  4. Beautiful, Genece. I am so ready for spring, and this just whets my appetite!

  5. I love this technique. It almost reminds me of the smoothness of fine porcelain. Yum.

  6. Did you use the liquify function with this? It has such a tactile quality to it…. I can feel the swirls around me.

    • disse:Oi Elmo. Realmente o filme é forte, mas eu não gosto muito de utilizá-lo uma vez que considero o choque um péssimo conscientizador. Uma vez passado o choque, a pessoa volta a consumir carne. É o que geralmente acei.ocetObrngado pela visita. Abraços!

    • Your’s is a point of view where real intelligence shines through.

    • morganovich: "i have a good friend in the EV industry (founded a co that makes all electric racing dirtbikes, very cool stuff…"Wow! that IS cool."… i want one)"Well then you shall have one. It's as simple as that. 🙂

  7. beautifully organic and rich.

  8. The organic element is exactly what Spring brings–what a lovely tribute to a mysterious season!

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