Letting Go

deep in the dark blues
the center works on letting go
of any hard edges

— genece hamby


~ by Genece Hamby on April 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “Letting Go”

  1. Genece,
    Your painting and comments made me think of the day I had at the Melbourne International flower and garden show, held in a building and gardens of Heritage listed Exhibition Gardens
    (Built 150 yrs ago) a beautiful setting with the building restored many times ..the building designed by an English architect…..
    The best of floral displays and flowers seen all in the large displays was truely beautiful…..I came home feeling elated,peacefull ,inspired and sad that the day had passed so quickly.

    Lois ( Muse of the Sea) 3.4.08

  2. Just viewing this image creates a feeling of well-being. I imagine the hard edges softening and becoming shapes of beauty.

    The blue and yellow work so well together.


  3. Genece,

    The digital art that you create is amazing! I like very much the idea of softening the hard edges. I know that mine are falling off a petal at a time, they served their purpose once, but are no longer useful. Thanks for the image, I will carry it with me.


  4. wow–this is so beautiful
    and just what I needed today as well
    thank you so much for sharing it

  5. All you paintings are beautiful, this one is esp. inspired! I have always loved irises – love to bury my nose in them until the pollen tickles – love the scent – the history (my mom & gramma always had them) – and now this new layer of dpeth & meaning – thank you!

  6. Enter the depths, lose yourself in the color, forget the walls that surround you, swim in beauty and become part of the joy. Fran

  7. So much beauty and wisdom—than you for sharing it.

  8. It’s beautiful and calming. I also love the combo of blues and yellows: it’s what I’ve tried to aim for in my own garden.

    We had these beautiful Japanese Irises growing in the front yard each May when I was growing up. My mom gave me some to plant in my own garden but I messed up one year in digging them up to plant something else and there they went…

    I’ll just look at this one!

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