Orange Twist

a warm orange twist
of color moved by the muse
shaped into a flower

— genece hamby

~ by Genece Hamby on March 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “Orange Twist”

  1. Cool! So that’s what you do with “liquify”. Yes, I would like to learn to use this filter to its best capacity.

  2. Wow! This is so exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing and learning more of this technique. Gorgeous painting.


  3. your work is so amazing 🙂

  4. Your flower paintings are so lovely. I don’t understand how you create them, but they are breath-taking to look at.

  5. Luscious coloring!

  6. Gorgeous –you tempt me to buy photoshop–despite the battle in returning my computer to sense after the troubles!!Lovely project. Fran

  7. I agree with Barbara. The color is simply luscious. Beautiful work Genece.

  8. Gorgeous Genece! I love mucking around with Adobe and any tips are always welcome!

  9. It’s the same color as orange sherbet, or a Dreamsicle ice cream bar (or maybe I’m just hungry?)

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