A Short Life

My life is short.
5′ 1″ from the ground up,
a life short changed and short listed
with short waits and short encounters of short behaviors.

There’s been short paths and short rations
that were thankfully all short in measures.

I don’t ever forget the times being told
“You’re a little short in experience.”
I’ve been sold short and told
“It will only last a relatively short time.”

Some things have actually been short in duration
Time enough for a short drink
and the fad of wearing short shorts.

I’ve often been short circuited,
short on subjects in conversation
and unfortunately, cut short.

It’s tough making short work
In  short, wrapping this up,
people have shortened my name
my funds have fallen short
and patience has run short…

short of murder,
there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do
to have a short holiday
one that could last at least a few short months.

However, there is one thing
I’m proud of…
it’s being short and to the point.

Of course,
I’m usually short in supply of thoughts.
You see, I suffer from a short memory,
being short stopped many times in midstream.
And, it’s even why I prefer short stories.

And did I tell you, I have short hair?


~ by Genece Hamby on February 25, 2008.

10 Responses to “A Short Life”

  1. Ah Genece, this one is short and sweet!

  2. This is genius at work. How’s that for a short comment? 🙂


  3. Too bad your illness wasn’t so short!

  4. Very nicely done!

  5. delightful

  6. Well, you’re NOT short-sighted! I enjoyed this very much Genece. Hope you feel better shortly.

  7. Great short with long reach!

  8. fantastic job… keep it up… loved each and every sentence

  9. What a fabulous play on the word short and I can say, quite categorically, that I am no longer short on information about you and your thought patterns 🙂 Great piece Genece. We must get you signed in to the Pythian Games so we can have duplicates of inspired pieces like this there.

  10. No shortage of fun in this piece!

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