Food for Thought — Phase II

I think by having text on the images in yesterday’s post helped realize that light and darkness of the image do matter. Today, I’ve posted a few paintings of varying degrees of darkness and/or lightness that could work for a book cover design. This time, I’m just seeking input on which of these paintings (or the two from yesterday’s post) would appeal the most as a book cover image. Thanks for your comments — they’re really helping. I’ve numbered and showed the name of the painting on each so it easier for you to comment on the one(s) you like.

1. Color Me Bright (This first one is not fruits or veggies — it’s just colors I’ve painted in swirls)


2. Two Pods and a Pea


3. She Prays


4. Green on Green


5. Sliced Open


6. Two Tarts


~ by Genece Hamby on January 15, 2008.

12 Responses to “Food for Thought — Phase II”

  1. I really like the last image of the lime and lemon. It looks like one of the Impressionists painted it. All of them are beautiful.

  2. I think what’s throwing me is the title. The cover should ideally reflect BOTH food and thought. If food is inspiring the poetry, how can this be conveyed on the cover? Somehow you need to turn the food images into thoughts — perhaps there’s a shadowy silhouette of a plume and some poetic words in the background. Maybe the painting (s) bleed/smear into words (as if you were dragging a pen over wet paint onto white space). Otherwise, it will appear to be a book about art or food, not poetry.

    Does this make sense?

  3. I’m liking the cherries from the first post – it doesn’t make it look like a cookbook, and the darker painting makes the words stand out. Besides, cherries are used in sayings and such – it points back to the words again. (Sorry, no caffeine yet- not quite articulate here.)
    Other wise, I rather like She Prays – the darkness for the same reasons, and in that one, you can see that the book isn’t just about food.

  4. Tough choices* – I like the Bowl of Cherries, though I might make the title type size smaller to emphasize the painting more – those cherries really draw you in!
    From this group I might have to go with the “She Prays” fig* – it also depicts the book as reflective, not just about the joys of eating..Another one that is intriguing – not shown here – is the cabbage rose, that shows so many layers, complexity, depth, the circle of life reflected in its shape – so I am afraid I am of no help – and that cocoa painting is quite inviting as well – and chocolate delights the passion (and sells books!) – even if “chocolate makes my clothes shrink”!

    * Isn’t it nice to have to decide between beauties? What wonderful choices we have!
    ** Am I the only one who sees a graceful lady waltzing in a beautiful ball gown in the fig painting?

  5. Oh, Genece, what a difficult choice…they’re all so good. I’m tending toward ‘Color Me Bright’ because it is so eye catching and a cover has to say, “Pick me up, look at me, and buy me.”


  6. My vote would go for She Prays – it is a strong image which can be read different ways.

  7. Greeting Genece,
    Sorry have have not been in touch sooner will write you back. Now, to the pictures ,I do agree with everything SheWolf says re the first picture of the “Cherries.” There is a joyful quality to them, I love the colors and it can be tied in with food without it looking like a cook book.

    However, I am also drawn to She Prays there is something mystical in the picture that keeps drawing my eye back to it. It is a thought provoking picture.

    My third choice is Color me Bright it does have an impressionistic feel and it could mean anything. I wonder what it would look like changed the colors to light lavenders , blues, vibrant purples and rose…. just a thought. They are all wonderful and though it is a book of sensual poetry inspired by fruit ( if I am understanding the concept ) I think you need to be careful that the books does not look like a cooking book. Just sharing some thoughts…

  8. I love Color Me Bright – it is fab and abstract enough to be attractive but not too indicative of a particular type of book. My other fave is the lemon & lime, which is so fresh and bright it would really attract me.


  9. For an eye catching cover I think I would go for She Prays because it is food and thought in one. However, having said that I did find it very difficult to choose from this collection. I also love two peas and a pod.

  10. i’m sticking with the cherries for the word association thingy. These pix are all beautiful – particularly the citrus – but I still think the cherries are the one to go with.

  11. Hi Genece-
    I think “She Prays” would be fabulous if the onion were “blooming.” That to me would represent the food expanding thought. The deep rich colors of this “won” and the bowl of cherries draw me toward them. Whatever you choose to go with, I think it needs to be more ethereal and less representational.
    Lemons are sour.
    The first one kind of looks like leafy vegetables maybe some squash; has the flow I think needs to be present but missing the rich jewel tones.
    Congrats on almost being done. Your are exceptionally talented and your dedication is about to pay off!
    Take A Bow!

  12. My first instinct is She Who Prays, but I love Sliced Open too. She Who Prays is better for a background, I think. They are all lovely.

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