Food for Thought

A book cover I thought of but after all the feedback, I’ve went with another design that is more suited for the book’s content.

Food for Thought

— copyrights 2008, Genece Hamby

~ by Genece Hamby on January 14, 2008.

10 Responses to “Food for Thought”

  1. Hard to choose between these two–I think I like the first better as it is easier to read the text and the color is so gentle. Fran

  2. Hmmm, yes, the first is a bit easier to read however, I prefer the colors in the second picture. In my mind if I saw the first cover I would think it was a cook book, however, that is just me! Food for thought! I cannot wait to read your new book! Congratulations Hip Hop Queen.

  3. I like them both but the second one jumps at me…

    I would maybe put a shadow behind the type to make it stand out more on both. Make sure the anthology line is centered…

    Another suggestion would be to put “art and poetry by” on one line (leave the same font size) and Genece Hamby on the next with a right justification. Line up the text on the same line with Poetry and maybe use a light blue color from the painting or possibly the yellow. Move it down just a smidge.

    The best way to come up with the final is play with it until you feel it right…if there’s something not quite right, your gut will tell you…

    Sorry about the long comment Genece, it’s the Graphic Designer in me and my picky, picky boss in my head! Tee hee!

  4. I like both images, but I always have trouble reading things that are overlays if there is not a high contrast between the image and the print. I especially have difficulty reading the first image.

    The print on your header image for the Food for Thought message is easy to read.

    Good luck with your book. I know it’s a labor of love.


  5. Definitely the second one. I agree with Nicole, I was confused by the first cover, thought it was a cookbook. The vibrancy of the second cover really draws you in.

  6. I like the lighter look of the first, the picture of the second. It is difficult to read your name in the darker picture, couldn’t see “Art and poetry of” at all.

    Another “picky” comment: if you center the “Anthology” line (and I agree with the idea) perhaps you could move it down a bit. Maybe even play with the placement of all three lines.

    Wonderful things you are doing! Continue to enjoy and share.

  7. Hey Genece!

    I think the first one looks more like a cookbook (colors make the mouth water), and there needs to be more contrast with the text. The blues/purples in the second one are not as appetizing, but better contrast. I wonder if there is another element you could include on the cover that suggest the ‘thought’ aspect of the title (pen? paper? book?) This would differentiate it from a cookbook. Or perhaps you could include several small paintings on the cover along with whatever this element is . . . just my two cents 🙂

    Thanks for sending the newsletter, btw, as I like to keep up with what you’re doing!



  8. Hi Genece,

    Both are good choices, but I prefer the second. The fruit looks so mouth watering and luscious and the forward berries pop out nicely. I love the light dots shining through the bottom of the bowl, but your name gets a bit lost, perhaps you could make that line the same color.

  9. I prefer the second one–the colour and the words seem better put out–better seen
    Both are lovely though
    but to let a 6yo have her say–ewww what is that it stuff there (first/top picture) it looks like poop (SO SORRY-REALLY)

  10. Hi Genece. I’m going with the second…I like the play on words with food for thought and life being a bowl of cherries.
    The text colour is hard to read at the bottom – I think you need to stick with the same tone you used for the second line; particularly as it is your name!
    Hope this helps!

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