Spiral Out

Spiral Out

wraps around itself
a logarithmic spiral
of precise patterns

draws into and out
the perfection of nature
pervading all life

I love nautilus shells and spirals (have been drawing them since I was a child) — for their beauty, perfection and their symbolism. It strikes me as fascinating that this beautiful creature is from the same class as the octopus. Amazing, isn’t it?

The digital painting of this nautilus shell is from The Sea Collection I’ve been working on for some time.


~ by Genece Hamby on January 12, 2008.

13 Responses to “Spiral Out”

  1. Your paiting is gorgeous… I am not familiar with Nautilus Shells. I once adopted an abused fish, he was a silvery goldfish with elaborate blue-green fins. I named him “Nautilus” after the ship on 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea. From an untrained reader, I thought “Spiral Out” referred to the Universe, and touched on the pattern of creation evident in shapes and patterns, or even mathematics. I like the grace and simplicity of “Spiral Out”.
    Keep on Spiraling ~* Lynn

  2. Nature claims geometry and you claim colour. Fran

  3. I agree with you: these shells are simply beautiful. Nature is so perfect: isn’t it? And reproduce it so well! 🙂

  4. Absolutely lovely. I agree with Manon, Nature is perfect!

  5. Nature, Genece, is the supreme artist and we can learn much from her. Your painting of the nautilus is gorgeous. I love the way you have captured the iridescence in the shell. Gorgeous.


  6. Slow-witted woman that I am sometimes, I only just realised you have written in Haiku form – the image is just gorgeous, very spiritual, wonderful healing colours.

  7. There are some who see the universe spiraling out in the structure of a nautilus shell…patterns repeating in nature.

    I love these shells, too. For their beauty and of course, because you can hear the ocean in them!

  8. The spiralling Nautilus is most certainly one of my all time favourite, next only to the Cowrie. What a magnificent still life Genece. This is very beautiful and I adore the colours.

  9. Beautiful colours Genece. I love cowrie shells too Heather…I have a collection I found on a beach in Sri Lanka…which was full of cows as well. Wierd!

  10. Beautiful composition, colors and depiction. You bring the nautilus into our lives with such warmth and admiration!

  11. Ohhh- this is beautiful. I love nautilus shells and yours is gorgeous.

  12. the nautilus has always been one of my favourite shells

  13. and a favourite poem from my childhood:

    By G.F. Richardson, Esq.

    The Nautilus and the Ammonite
    Were launched in Storm and Strife,
    Each sent to float in its tiny boat
    On the wide, wide sea of life!

    And each could swim on the ocean’s brim
    And anon, its sails could furl;
    and sink to sleep in the great sea deep,
    In a palace all of pearl.

    And theirs was a bliss more fair than this
    That we feel in our colder Time
    For they were rife in a tropic life
    In a brighter, happier clime.

    Thus hand in hand, from strand to strand,
    They sailed in mirth and glee,
    Those fairy shells with their crystal cells,
    Twin creatures of the sea.

    But they came at last to a sea long past,
    And as they reached its shore,
    The almighty’s breath spoke out in death,
    And the Ammonite liv’d no more.

    And the Nautilus now, in its shelly prow,
    As o’er the deep it strays
    Still seems to seek, in bay and creek,
    Its companion of other days

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