Green on Green

Green on Green

bright, ripe green apples
ready to eat, crisp and tart
smacking lips pucker

Working on a book of “visionary poetry” is an intensive project — the daily painting, the ongoing inspiration that I need in order to create a large volume of works, and the intensity of painting itself. The easy part is the poetry which usually comes immediately when the painting is complete or near completion. There’s also laying out the book — every page has to be consistent — as perfect as possible.

Growing up, I loved green apples! Especially picking them straight from the tree. I particularly loved the small green ones instead of the big ones you find in grocery stores. They were far better! Of course, I think fresh fruit offf of a tree is always better than what you buy in a grocery store. That’s why I prefer Farmer’s Markets!


~ by Genece Hamby on December 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “Green on Green”

  1. I can taste the tang of that Granny Smith right now! What an impressive project. This reminds me of Molly Katzen’s cookbook, Stilllife with Menu…except with poems instead of recipes. 🙂

  2. I can taste it, too, and drooling into my keyboard isn’t good for it. Pris will be quite the artist after having spent time with you, Genece.


  3. I love the serenity of this piece, very beautiful.

  4. You can say so much through your arts! It’s amazing! I’m tempted to pick one apple and eat it! :o)

  5. They look soooo good! My grandparents had a tree with green apples in their back yard, with a bench around it. My uncle would sit there and cut the apples in to child-sized slices for me with his pocket knife. I don’t think an apple has tasted so good since then.

  6. Anything you get from the grocery store only ever lasts a couple of days. Like you I like to buy fresh Genece. The closest to a farmer’s market is my fruiter who stocks the best of everything. I do love your image. It is very calming and conjurs up all sorts of meanings for me.

  7. Aren’t apples just perfect art?

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