Head Stand

Head Stand

swirling in color
standing on my head I think
better upside down

With all of the holiday activities, I haven’t been able to practice my daily painting. However, I’m with it now and back on track! Working on my book of “visionary poetry” soon to be released, I am still working on the still life collection that are the paintings for the book. It’s a good thing I write the poetry immediately after the painting is completed. This way, I can lay them out at the same time in the book.

In this painting, I painted a kumquat as if it were standing on its head. It’s a bit of whimsy symbolic of my mood when painting.

~ by Genece Hamby on December 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Head Stand”

  1. I love it. To my mind the kumquat is aware of its own beauty. I like that you have just the right amount of shadow beneath her.


  2. I have probably told you this before Genece but my friend around the corner Angela Drew is a well known artist ..
    She studied with William Dargie who painted 2 portraits of Queen Elizabeth one for her and one for our National Gallery in Canberra Aus…..They were shown on a repeat of Rolf Harris in England when he did shows for tv a year or so back……..and re aired this Christmas I personally don’t like Rolf Harris paintings but some of the artists he has on to paint celebrities including Michael Parkinson etc have been excellent
    I think Dargie was our best Australian portrait painter….
    But today when Angie drops in I will show her your paintings esp the cumquat ( we spell it with a C )I think it is quite beautiful…..you would also be a great photographer as well most artists are ….Angie has just put together an A3 display CV folder to show the gardens she has designed and laid out for clients …she does it to their liking not her designs and some are are women who engage her perhaps because temperments are similiar( Passionate forthright etc) ….Do you know I only know women who are full on with whatever their passion is….
    One day here at home when Bro John was visiting, I had 3 of them here at once ( Heather was absent at this time) and it was as he called ” Everyman’s Nightmare” no pussyfooting around with these girls……..ask Heather after he met her one time, long ago
    No comments needed the look on his face was enough to explain without words how he was feeling……..
    Angie has an enormous Cumquat tree which she has photographed full with fruit enlarged on A3, and it looks close up like your painting ,except the fruit is small and the skin smooth and shines ,only the size of our 50 cent piece….
    Is your fruit related to the citrus of the orange and lemon family……….it is quite beautiful……
    Love Lois (Muse of the Sea) 31.12.07

  3. A very Haiku Poem. A superbly written Haiku Poem, with voice, imagery and tone. Indeed, I like the way you paint life with the
    magic power of words. This photograph picture is realism artwork? Who is the artist?

    Please stop by to read some poetry & haiku and please tell a friend, too


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