Switching Gears

Though it is Christmas time, I am switching gears in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Oh, it’s about romance the soft, tender touch of love’s kiss brushing the heart.

sneak_cover.jpgI’m putting the finishing touches on the cover of my book to be released right after Christmas — it’s a Valentine book.

Awakening Eros is a book of poetry with art written to awaken romantic passion in the bedroom. It’s not hard core. That wouldn’t be me. Instead, it is sweet, soft, sensual, sexy in a quiet way, highly imaginative and not ever brash. The book captures the beauty and ‘essence’ of sensuality of the heart. Each poem is carefully crafted and inspired by daily objects that suggest sensuality–like a pear. The poetry and art take you to the edge of imagination. The rest is up to your own interpretation.

Okay, here’s one poem from the book:

from Awakening Eros

juicypear.jpgquietly, my eyes feast
on tender beauty
the silk and satiny
touch of skin…
the luscious curves
of a shapely seductress

oh, sweet rapture
of juicy delights
she wins my heart
with the flavor of her kiss.

oh, fragrant nectar
of the gods
with her pale surface
golden like the stars

leaves me delirious
in my passions
my mouth
left watering
for the ecstasy

the taste of her
between my lips.


~ by Genece Hamby on December 8, 2007.

One Response to “Switching Gears”

  1. I like the concept and the sample poem and picture both, Genece.

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