Winter’s Landscape

Winter’s Landscape

(watercolor painting)

Caught and held by naked wind, my soul sleeps in winter’s weathering woods beneath the hidden trees. The quiet beauty of fractured light that mirrors a silent shadow of hope awakens me. Slowly, my heart stretches old icicle bones to linger in a kiss from the tranquil season that deepens the dream.

Crossing the senses into undisturbed thoughts, the chilling bite of a wet day keeps its distance. I leave sanctuary impressions here; imprints of time and space that follows me everywhere.

Please, please do not disturb the winter’s dream that happens soft and slow. It seems winter is within me, strong silent artistry refined by the blanket that covers and keeps me warm. 


~ by Genece Hamby on December 3, 2007.

8 Responses to “Winter’s Landscape”

  1. Genece, this is exquisite!

  2. Lovely. I like Winter, too.

  3. To walk with you into this precious winter is delight while I sit under a hot summer sun wondering how distance changes and how far a way winter snow has been these past few years. Fran

  4. Very beautiful Genece. Just divine. I do love winter.

  5. There’s something about that blue winter light that I just love…this makes me wanna go x-country skiing. Now I just need a decent snowfall!

  6. beautiful colour scheme you have used for this watercolour. Excuse my ignorance, but what is clayboard, pls?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous.


  8. Oh, blue, blue woods that tempt me with whispers of solitude and reflection!
    Wonderful. And I so enjoy the writings you do with your art.
    More, more!

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