Succulent Colors

Succulent Colors
feeling lemon lime…
bursting out in bold flavors,
succulent colors

This was fun to paint. I started with the background — added colors and then using the Blender Brush in Corel Painter X, smeared and blended the colors into one another to create a circle and swirl effect. I sketched the lemon and lime directly over the background and painted using Worn Oil Pastel variant from the Art Pen. Then I saved and closed the file. In Adobe PhotoShop I opened the file and added light to highlight several areas in the piece. Completed the painting by adding my infamous ‘dots’.


~ by Genece Hamby on November 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Succulent Colors”

  1. I really like this and I appreciate your sharing how you created this.

  2. Great work, Genese. I can almost taste the lime and it sets my saliva going. I pucker from the juicy sourness of it.


  3. A very appealing painting. Great use of real and abstract.

  4. this is gorgeous

  5. The detail…! It’s amazing.

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