Magical Landing

Magical Landing

in a silken wash
of white feathers pushed by wind
magical landing
Months ago, I started a new collection of birds that represent stillness, beauty and grace. When I paint, I usually have several paintings in creation at the same time. Some may sit for weeks or months before I work on them again. Magical Landing is one of those painting that took months to evolve. The white egret wasn’t placed until the very end of the painting–yet, the egret is what motivated this piece. The poem came after the painting (90% of my poetry is written after I’ve finished a painting).

Recently, a number of people wrote and asked if I could offer my art through the blog. My work is actually offered on my art website as limited editions on museum quality canvas or watercolor paper in sizes up to 40×60. I also offer fine art prints ready for framing in black or white museum quality mats currently in sizes up to 16×20.I’ve not been able to figure out how to add any pay button inside the blog. The only thing I can do at this time is put a link at the bottom of the post that leads to the page to view and purchase the art.


~ by Genece Hamby on October 1, 2007.

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