Champagne Bubbles

Champagne BubblesDuring my childhood, I was a pistol. With an active imagination, an alert curiosity and non-stop mischievous playfulness (hmmmm, things haven’t changed much over my lifetime), my family didn’t always know what to do with me. Primarily, I was shy out in the world and a zany wild child around family and people I knew or was comfortable with in their presence (that hasn’t changed either).

As an adult, I’m still a pistol. I’ve expressed my own unique styles of play – from inventing and creating to doing a lot of things out of the ordinary (okay, some of them have been on the wild or daring side). One thing all of my play had and still has in common is spontaneity, authenticity, an alert and curious mind, and a full-bodied belly laugh! I love laughing and do it often – even in the midst of serious writing, deep contemplation and meditation, or even while being active. At odd moments, my silly putty mind stretches into wacky fits of spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter!

For me, play is not about the activity or the game. It is a state of mind, a way of “being” that is spontaneous and full of wonder. In fact, it is the foundation for all of my intimate relationships. Play is a great friend, a healer, a teacher and student, an open door to opportunities and synchronicities, an excellent path for creative invention and solving mysteries (our inner and outer world), a way to connect, an expression of love, a joyous opening for physical intimacy, a mood enhancement, and more.

I may go spiritually deep into my writing, teaching, poetry and art. However, it is all balanced with a healthy dose of good old fashioned laughter, play and yes — mischievous silliness. My expressions of joy bubble up like a fluted glass of champagne that produces smaller bubbles, which last longer as they release the flavor and aroma of life. Friends have said for years that I am like fine champagne. You know, I’m beginning to believe them 😉  

P.S. Today’s post is in honor of my brother Dennis’ birthday. He was killed in an auto accident 34 years ago. However, he loved champagne and was my biggest advocate (we shared having personalities like fine champagne). I’m sure whereever he is, he’s laughing and smiling at what I wrote. Happy Birthday Dennis!


~ by Genece Hamby on September 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Champagne Bubbles”

  1. Thank you, espirit, for sharing who you are with us. I agree with you that play is something we all need for our health and welfare. And that you were a pistol, and still are, is a plus.

  2. And I love when that pistol fires. You are so on target with your art and poetry.

  3. I LOVE this post Genece. It is just purrfect really!

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