Lined in Red

Lined in Red

You are no more,
the whole is…

the stillness
that penetrates you…
it never dies

Plumb the depths of inner solitude
where it meets the universe
nothing to do, nowhere to go.

Seek out
those who resonate tranquility.

enjoy your aloneness.

Come home to yourself,
to the grace unfolding

as prayer

touched by blue skies
and lined
in juicy red
freed by simplicity


~ by Genece Hamby on September 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Lined in Red”

  1. This is lovely. What program do you use in creating your digital images?

  2. Your appreciation and celebration of the universe in both words and images is a great gift (to you) and to the rest of us. This is indeed a beautiful sanctuary.

  3. Beautiful. I want to sit down in your picture and soak up the peace.

  4. It’s beautiful. At first I thought it was an embroidery

  5. Given the week I have had I will be back to sit quietly and sip from the nectar here Genece. You have posted this at just the right moment.

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