Call of the Wild

Genece’s Artist Trading Card

If you are not familiar with Artist Trading Cards, they’re the little cards that have become a big deal : Artist Trading Cards known as ATC’s, which are masterpieces in miniature that artists around the globe are creating and trading with each other.

Although mine is not completed above, this is the evolution of my ATC that tells a story of who I am (I’ve enlarged the card for viewing purposes). The female archer represents the Goddess Artemis, Protector of the Wild. She is at ease wtih unknowing and is fiercely independent, making her own mark on the world.

The antelope represents the knowledge and understanding of death and the essence of living. Eagle is symbolic of creation; a willingness to experience extremes and learning how to ride the winds.


~ by Genece Hamby on September 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Call of the Wild”

  1. Fascinating image.

  2. This is a wonderful card to have made Genece. Like you the wild has been persistently calling me and it is manifesting itself in Baba’s Garden.

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