Eternal River

Eternal River 

I am blessed to know the music of the valley,
to hear the songs of the hills and
to feel the richness of the Earth.

Not a lonely hour of shattered dreams
shall take my breath away
as long as I have the grace of land
to bathe my tender heart.

Nor, shall any man darken
the path I choose with hatred
for I gather my strength
from the trees that bear fruit.

I carry the words of purity
as I belong to the eternal river
that flows gentle in my being.

Here where my blood is tied
to the threads of God,
shall I reap in the rewards
of my loving spirit.

To those who come openly
to touch and share the vision,
so shall I give freely of my soul
for I am married to the Earth
and to her wondrous generosity.


~ by Genece Hamby on September 6, 2007.

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