Singled Out by the Dream

Singled Out

You are
my one
distinct and
silent voice
resting deep
in stillness
singled out
by the dream

The water lily screamed out at me, “Single me out in the dream”. So, I did! I brushed bright blue paint until it screamed, “Stop! Enough already!” So, I did! Then, everything got quiet until the lily pads yelled, “Hey, not fair! Give us color!” So, I did! I gave them color, but different from the lily that wanted to be singled out in the dream. Again, everything got quiet. That is until the color palette started shouting and jumping off of the images, creating trails of dots everywhere. They were freed and running rampant. I couldn’t stop them. So, finally I stopped! Everything got quiet. So did I…and a light appeared in the painting. Just enough for the blue lily to be singled out by the dream.


~ by Genece Hamby on August 31, 2007.

8 Responses to “Singled Out by the Dream”

  1. Impressive! WoW! Beautiful painting!

  2. Welcome to the Garden, I look forward to working with you…
    anita marie

  3. In such a charming art the colours and the poetry dance together. Fran

  4. Oh, dear, your work talks to you? Too? Well, I guess you are one of us. 🙂 Welcome to the rookery, Genece.

  5. It’s wonderful the way your words and painting come together.

    And while I’m here, WELCOME!

  6. Beautiful colors and words! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your garden.

  7. And that blue lily most certainly holds centre stage. Magnificent Genece.

  8. Absolutely lovely – welcome.

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