Forest of Dreams

Recently, my mother was placed in a nursing home. She’s adapting as well as can be expected. However, the dementia is increasing and robbing more of her moment by moment memories. The poem below is dedicated to her and to people suffering from memory loss of any kind:

her lost memories
dream of a dreamy morning
sweet like the music

in a youthful heart
that remembers why she will
grow wise among dreams

a stream passing through
circling around the old trees
where she paints smiles

so cool as the wind
the dew the dream has brought her
deep in the forest

where the skies are gray
luminous like the early dawn
fresh as her soul’s breath

that fears not the age
chasing her into the dream
of a peaceful life


~ by Genece Hamby on August 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Forest of Dreams”

  1. She is her youthful heart, not those youthful memories and she is at peace. Painful to her family, but peaceful to her.

  2. Life in dementia so ressembles dreams where images, memories, people are interwoven without any concern for the strictures of time and space dictated by the rational mind.

  3. To lose the memory
    the greatest loss
    and that we who are old fear most
    I wish you all the love your mother felt for you
    and for her gentle mornings and smiling care. Fran

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